Joint Venture Plan




Welcome to join the casino agent alliance,

after many years of vigorous promotion, the brand is full of heat, agents can enjoy the advertising brand effect.

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Promotion bonus method 15%~35% If the settlement is negative profit, it will accumulate until it is profitable

1. If the dealer does not reach the minimum number of valid 3 members in the current month, the promotion bonus for the current month will be calculated as zero. If the standard does not meet the standard for two consecutive months, the dealer qualification will be cancelled.

2. A valid member is considered a valid member for a valid bet amount of 15,000 points in the current month.

3. For the sake of fairness, the company has the right to unilaterally decide whether the member uses the number of points to make abnormal bets and wash discount points or risk-free bets. The dealers will open the account attack orders and wash the bonuses for the members, and distribute the bonuses to members and distributors. Business Conduct Monitoring has found that anyone who violates, deceives, or uses the rules and terms to make illegal profits, the company has the right to terminate the membership login or cancel the dealer qualification, and the right to suspend the use of this website and the confiscation of points and profits indefinitely is not objectionable. No need to inform.

4. The dealers need to share the bonus points of the member's preferential activities. The first deposit is 5000 points and 5000 points and the dealer's monthly commission is 25%. For example, you need to deduct 1250 points (5000 points X25%) and so on.

5. Commission settlement time: reconciliation on the 5th of each month, monthly payment on the 10th, the commission will be checked with the general agent, the general agent has the right and obligation to distribute to the offline agent, if the general agent is found not paid to the offline agent at the reconciliation time Commission, the company will immediately suspend the general agent line and cancel the general agent account.

6. The Entertainment City will eliminate the promotion of “recruiting members to members/private generations to help members to remit money/directing to unofficial game platforms/guarantee profitability”. If the company is verified, it will stop the cooperation.

7. This entertainment is a casino that is very reputable, so please contact the joint venture dealers to abide by the rules and credibility, you and me come together!!